Over 80% Of Shoppers Are Using Their Smartphones When Shopping In The Mall. Are You Reaching Them?

The StepsAway eco-system connects three services to create a hyper-local shopping experience

SAConnect™: A Single Portal for Retailers to deliver content to multiple mall developers

Create, Deploy, and Track Offers Over the Cloud

  • Currently deployed in over 150 malls and growing rapidly across the country
  • Exclusive partnerships with major mall owners to connect to shoppers' smartphones
  • National retailers can leverage their existing digital assets to deliver real-time offers to in-mall shoppers when they are StepsAway from the lease-line

  • Millions of hyper-local offers are being viewed by shoppers every month
  • Track offer performance, compare locations, and more. SAConnect™ offers a full suite of analytic tools
  • Performance updated in real-time

Mall Owners: Maximize Guest Wi-Fi

StepsAway Leverages Mall Wi-Fi Networks

  • StepsAway hosts the captive portal on existing Wi-Fi networks, or can design and install guest Wi-Fi across a developer's portfolio
  • Partnerships with national retailers who create and deliver their promotional offers to targeted malls from their corporate headquarters

The Mall Shopper Experience

StepsAway Influences Shopper Behavior

  • Available to in-mall shoppers only
  • Acquire new customers
  • Browser-based instant access
  • No download required

  • Retailers extend their in-store marketing messages throughout the mall to millions of mall shoppers
  • Shoppers search for offers by department or brand
  • Time-sensitive offers show a count-down clock influencing shopper behavior
  • Targeted and Timely